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Ten Beautiful Things Project

By March 15, 2021March 16th, 2021No Comments

On the first Sunday of Lent, Sarah read to us the storybook “Ten Beautiful Things” by Molly Beth Griffin, about a girl who finds 10 beautiful things along a hard journey. Now, we’re doing the same thing!

For our own Lent journey, each of us (kids, and grownups, too!) are encouraged to find TEN things in our own lives and the life around us that we deem as “beautiful.” Remember– just like the old abandoned barn in the story, your beautiful things do not all have to be pretty. They just have to spark beauty in your own mind. They could be sights, like the red-winged blackbird; smells like the mud; sounds like the gurgly creek; or feelings like togetherness.

Every time you find a beautiful thing, write it down in a list, or take a picture, draw it out, write a poem/journal entry about it… however you want to capture its beauty. Find them, save them, and then send them to Sarah, and she will make a scrapbook to remember our own 2021 Lenten journey together. It’s sure to be BEAUTIFUL!