Pledging for Solar

Powering Pilgrim Church using God’s Clean Energy

Dear Pilgrims,

You’ve all heard the exciting news regarding capturing solar energy from the roof of our church building. As our solar contractor, SunBug, so beautifully points out in their proposal, our congregation can generate free electricity while helping to save our planet. Just think, Pilgrims solar program will save 543 metric tons of CO2 from going into the atmosphere which is the equivalent of taking 114 cars off the road for a year.

What’s Next

Now that this plan was unanimously approved at the May 7th Congregational Meeting, we need to fund $150,000 to purchase the solar panels and the needed electronic equipment. This is where we need your financial support. The good news is that we already have commitments for $111,500. Pledges may be paid within one to three years. If pledges exceed this amount, the additional funds will be used to replace the roofs on the Sun Room as well as Pilgrim Hall. We need your pledge in order to get our solar system up and running before the end of 2023. This also ensures that Pilgrim Church will receive the maximum allowable government rebate in 2024.

If you are able, please use the form below, or pick up a paper pledge card at church and return it in the self-addressed envelope. A pledge of any amount is greatly appreciated, and you don’t have to be a church member to pledge. All people who pledge will be listed alphabetically in the Annual Report (no amounts listed) and these names will also be read aloud during our church ceremony when the solar power switch is turned on. You may also remain anonymous if you prefer.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration,

The Sunshine Crew
Bob Beckwith, Deborah Burger, Reebee Girash, Duncan Todd, and Steve Van Evera

  • I/We plan to give $ total toward Pilgrim Solar:
    Electronic transfer options withdraw your pledge at monthly intervals directly from your checking account. This is confidential, and the information goes only to Pilgrim’s Collector, Susan Carabbio.
  • Please type your name into the signature field. I understand this commitment may be changed at any time. If a change is necessary, please email:
  • All of us at Pilgrim Church thank you for your generous pledge. PS: Pledges can be fulfilled over a three year period through cash payments or gifts of appreciated securities. Donors who are 70-1/2 or older can make a Qualified Charitable Distribution from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA QCD). The amount withdrawn may count toward your annual Required Annual Distribution (RMD). For more information please consult your financial advisor and/or tax advisor. An IRS reminder is here. (This link will take you to the IRS website. Click the back arrow to get back to Pilgrim's website.)