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Donations Needed! Two Hurricanes and Covid Visited Flores

By March 4, 2021March 11th, 2021No Comments

Poverty and Covid-19 are realities in village of Flores, Honduras. The presence of good medical care is not! Then on Nov. 4, 2020 they were hit with major hurricane Eta. Thirteen days later hurricane Iota hit with even stronger winds and more serious structural damage. This has happened when people should be socially distancing, but this is impossible unless you repair the damaged structures. The Honduran federal government has given NO help to Flores! International Nonprofit Organizations have not even come to Flores!

The town leaders are entirely depending on Esperanza Hope For The Children! Pilgrim Congregational Church has answered the call from Esperanza and sent $500 to pay for some building supplies and food for the very poor. Work is organized by a trusted town leader, and is done by volunteers. Pilgrim Church has been giving support to Esperanza since 2002.

Roofs were damaged, poorly built houses collapsed, food is short supply, the water supply became unsafe, shoes and belongings were swept away. People are walking barefoot on mud laced with broken objects. They need shoes to protect them from cuts and infections.

Esperanza Hope For The Children has asked us to collect:

  • Shoes, clean and not smelly! (Please give cleaned, lightly used, shoes that are appropriate for this rugged environment.)
  • Antibacterial bars of soap (Amazon sells 12 bars of Dettol antibacterial soap for $14.98 plus shipping. Order early so you will have it to donate by March 17th . )
  • Unopened bottles of Tylenol

Please collect some of these items now. You may put items in the plastic boxes placed by the front doors of the church from February 19th – March 17th.

Donations are frequently taken inside the church. A family who will visit Honduras in March will take the items in their luggage and deliver them to Flores. We must have everything by March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day.

Thank you for your help! If you have any questions please contact Sandra Gardiner at: