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Pilgrim Summer Worship Schedule

By June 25, 2021July 5th, 2021No Comments

Pilgrim Summer Worship Schedule

Date          Lay Leader/Preacher Music

July 4              Reebee Girash       Jim Munkres
July 11             Claire Moir                  Jim
July 18            Susan Moffitt              Jim
July 25            Susan Carabbio          Jim

August 1         Reebee Girash          Dot Bowe
August 8        Son-Mey Chiu             Dot
August 15       Bruce Nickerson        Dot
August 22      Doug Johnston          Dot
August 29      Reebee Girash            Dot

September 5 Reebee Girash            Dot

This is a great opportunity to hear from members of the church, and support summer worship. For those of you have not attended summer worship, it is a condensed service, and we have had people speak about different topics which is so enjoyed by all!