Member Stories: Meet Kevin and Lesley

Many have noted that increasingly in our culture, people never stay in one place too long—whether that be a geographic location or a house of worship. In contrast however, Lesley, you have a lifelong connection both with Lexington and with Pilgrim Church.

Lesley: Yes, I was baptized, confirmed and married here. This church has always been part of my life. I think because I’ve had such consistency in my faith experience, this has always felt like home in a way that other churches can’t match. It’s a joy to be able to share that with my family, and to raise my children in this church.

Kevin, as someone who didn’t grow up at Pilgrim, what led you to recognize that this could become your spiritual home too?

Kevin: I was raised in the Lutheran church in a family with a strong religious faith. I’ve come to love Pilgrim because of the diversity of its members, the preaching and the music. Music is really important to both Lesley and me—Lesley sings in the choir—and really adds to our worship experience.

Lesley, you have said that worshipping at Pilgrim helps you feel a connection to your mother, even though she is no longer with us.

Lesley: That’s right. My mother suffered from ALS and throughout that time the church surrounded her and us with such love and support. She died two years ago and it is a great comfort to me that we continue to worship with her friends. Church is also a place for our children to see their grandfather on a regular basis.

After all these years, what keeps you coming back to Pilgrim?

Kevin: We really value the friendships and support we have found at Pilgrim. We also come so our children can learn about God in a wider, multi-generational community and have opportunities to live out their faith in service. We worship and serve together, with our family and our community.

Lesley: We come to Pilgrim for similar reasons as most people: searching for peace, solace and inspiration from the word of God. And we find it here.