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Lexington 2021 Minuteman Cane Award

By February 28, 2021No Comments

Do you know a person who is at least 80 years of age, a 15-year resident of Lexington, actively involved in the community and an inspiration to others while exhibiting a creative approach to life through a choice of a second career, a hobby or volunteerism? If so, consider nominating them for the Minuteman Cane Award. In 1909, Lexington was one of the hundreds of New England communities that agreed to supervise distribution of a gold-headed ebony cane to its oldest resident. The tradition was launched by Edwin A. Grosier, editor and publisher of The Boston Post newspaper, and soon became a popular part of town history. The tradition had lapsed and Lexington Historical Society records indicate the last known cane presentation was in February 1931. This tradition was revived by the Council of Aging in 1988, the criteria to qualify was adjusted and it continues today as the Minuteman Cane Award. This prestigious cane will be presented as part of Lexington’s virtual Patriots’ Day events.

More information can be found HERE, and a nomination form is HERE.