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Lent and Easter Worship 2023 at Pilgrim Church

By February 24, 2023February 9th, 2024No Comments

In this season we will remember the ways Jesus was a human being who tended to his body,
spirit and mind. As Christians, we are also invited to care for ourselves and others – body, spirit
and mind. This season will include reflections on Jesus’ own human and embodied life, our own
embodied lives, Care & Wellness for our neighbors, and care and wellness for the Body of the
Earth. The practices and ideas suggested this season are offered as a way to care for yourself
and our community, and we hope folks with all kinds of bodies – and all kinds of bodily and
mental and emotional health needs – will find blessings.


Sunday March 5
Jesus took naps, and went away to pray. An Intergenerational Service including multi-sensory spiritual practices and an introduction to Mindfulness practice with Pilgrim Nancy Fuller.
After Church, Nancy will lead further conversation on Mindfulness. There is also a Newcomers gathering after church on this day.

Sunday March 12
Jesus got thirsty. After Church, Pilgrim Son-Mey Chiu will offer an art display and demonstration in Pilgrim Hall.

Sunday March 19
Jesus healed people. Service Project Sunday for our children and youth – including a Youth visit to the Outdoor Church to distribute lunches. After Church, Yoga instructor Jenn Gadbois
will offer an intergenerational chair yoga introduction.

Sunday March 26
Healing the Earth means caring for people. We will consider the ways we can care for the body of the Earth by welcoming Maggie Peard, Lexington Sustainability Officer, who will speak after

Sunday April 2
Palm/Passion Sunday – We will consider how Jesus dealt with his anguish and grief – with very special music by our Choir.

-A Conversation on Mental Health, Wellness, and the church. This will be a Zoom conversation.
Date TBD.
-A Conversation on friendship, loneliness, and finding community. This will be a hybrid (in-
person and Zoom) conversation. Date TBD.

Dignity Matters Hygiene Product Drive – Bring Supplies by March 26! Contact Lisa Boehm with

There’s a lovely devotional available to the congregation that goes along with our theme. This is
available in print at church, and by request – just email Sarah or Pastor Reebee!

Please contact Pastor Reebee if you are a Zoom attendee and want to participate in one of the activities we’re
planning. We’ll do our best to accommodate! We’re also committed to making sure that all of our embodied
practices are possible for people of all body types.

Our Theme for Lent 2023 is based on An Illustrated Lent for Families: This is My Body which explores how Jesus lived in his body on earth and invites us to take care of—and embrace the goodness of—our own bodies. We will have special devotional material available for pickup. The liturgy and devotional materials from Illustrated Ministry are used with license permission through purchase from Illustrated Ministry.