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Lent 2021: Pilgrimage

By February 28, 2021No Comments

Our Lenten theme this year is Pilgrimage.  Your Pilgrimage may be actual or metaphorical – the idea is to journey closer to God in this season.  Each week we will offer reflections on a different idea.  You may choose to follow one idea throughout Lent, or explore each one in turn.

Our themes will include:
   *Pilgrimage to a Mountaintop (getting perspective)
   *Pilgrimage to a Tree (connecting with God’s creation)
   *Pilgrimage to a Hard Spot (what in your life needs work?)
   *Pilgrimage through Scripture (exploring one book of the Bible in detail)
   *Pilgrimage of Justice (deepening our understanding of Racial Justice)
   *Pilgrimage to the Dark Sky (finding beauty in the middle of the night)
In addition, if you have been missing our Sanctuary space, we invite you on a Pilgrimage to the Pilgrim Sanctuary. Please contact the office for more information.