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Join the CROP Hunger Walk!

By October 4, 2021October 6th, 2021No Comments

Church World Services’ CROP Walk Team

Dear Friends,

We will be participating in the CROP Walk again this year and are writing to invite you to walk with us (if you live nearby)  and/or contribute to the project. Church World Services has been providing help locally, nationally, and internationally for many years.  CWS does not proselytize but works efficiently with little fanfare to meet many needs. This year, the local assistance will include the Mt. Calvary Community Supper in Acton among other worthy causes.

Nationally, CWS is providing blankets and cleanup kits for those impacted by Hurricane Ida. They will be involved in long-term cleanup in New Orleans and the surrounding communities and in rebuilding houses.

Internationally, CWS is helping rebuild houses lost in the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Southern Haiti in August and a tropical storm that hit 3 days later. The housing program was begun in 2010 and is ongoing. All structures built under this program are still standing and were not damaged in the recent storms. CWS estimates the housing rebuilding will continue for three to five years. They are providing seeds and livestock first, so families can earn a living, then proceeding to rebuild houses.

Internationally and nationally, CWS is helping to resettle refugees from Afghanistan. CWS is one of nine refugee agencies in the US.  Staff has been sent to military air bases in Virginia and Texas to assist. CWS plans to place 3500 to 5000 individuals and families.  400 individuals have been placed already.

All this work is supported by your efforts at the CROP Walk!

This year, we will be walking from Pilgrim Church in Lexington to the center of Lexington and back for a total of about 1.4 miles.  You may join us at the Church (55 Coolidge Ave, Lexington, MA) at 11:30 am  on Sunday, Oct. 10 for some light refreshment and a walk. You may also contribute to the cause using this link:

Thank you,
Claire and Don

If you want more examples of CWS activities, see

Church World Service is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization. Donations to Church World Service,
including donations to CROP Hunger Walks, are fully deductible to the extent permitted by law. The CWS
federal identification number is 13-4080201.