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Esperanza Thanks You!

By April 1, 2021No Comments

Esperanza Thanks You!

Your generous donations are on their way to Flores, Honduras!

Blanca who lives in Boston went to her native Honduras with all the soap, medicines, most of the shoes and other important things like some toys tucked in and around everything else. On her way from the airport to her home in Siquatepeque, Honduras she plans to deliver these donations to Flores.

For a long time Blanca has run a school feeding program in Siquatepeque. – Now Bianca is also involved with helping the people who were displaced by the two hurricanes, who have flooded into the city of San Pedro Sula. There they have been living on the streets. This city has one of the highest homicide rates in the world and it is riddled with gangs. Blanca was described to me as a person with a strong faith who believes that she is called to be in Honduras at this time to help these people. She will be there for five months.

The few things Blanca could not take with her will soon be brought into the country as “used clothing” by a business person who is also helping Esperanza Help For The Children. Let us pray for safety  for Blanca and the people of Honduras.