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A Note from Dot

By October 15, 2020No Comments

I have been pondering that ubiquitous 2020 term “hybrid” while struggling to find a safe working model for service music. Following the recent feedback session, we added “hymns with singing” to our priority list along with safety and live music. With those preferences in mind, we’ll  implant a new hybrid model which includes safely sung hymns.

With live singing in the sanctuary ruled out, I don’t see a path to combine voice with live organ and the complexities of timing, making and distributing audio make it impractical to pursue recordings. For now, Max and Elena will continue to lead hymns and offertories twice monthly from their home studio. On those weeks I will play organ preludes and postludes from the sanctuary while on alternate weeks, I will be lead hymns and offer piano preludes and postludes from my home.

As always, I look forward to hearing how this arrangement works for you.