Thank you for your pledge and support of Pilgrim Church.

Dear Members and Friends of Pilgrim Church,

The theme of this year’s Stewardship pledge drive is “A Future With Hope.” It is based on the bible verse from Jeremiah 29.  We are thankful for a church community that has stayed together through all of the challenges of the last year and a half in our world and we have great hope for this next year.

We are so thankful for the gifts of all of our church leaders, from Council to the Care team, from Finance & Administration to our Educational Ministries Committee, and for our staff.

Let’s support God’s work with love in the life and mission of our Church. Please give generously to support Pilgrim Church in its mission. You may use the Pledge form online, which is completely confidential and only go to our Collector, Susan Carabbio.  During worship, you will also be hearing from Pilgrims in the coming weeks who will speak about their own experiences in our church and what Pilgrim means to them.

Please contact Susan Carabbio at if you have any questions.  Thank you for your continued support.

Pledge Form 2022

  • Dear Friends of Pilgrim Church, This year we are reaching out to ask for support of Pilgrim Church. We thank you for your consideration to help support the church and its mission. Any support you give is greatly appreciated, and there are various options in order to process your pledge.
  • Please indicate your total pledge amount for 2022.
  • Pledge Options: Please indicate below which option you would like for 2022, either pledge envelopes or via electronic transfer. Electronic transfer options withdraw your pledge at monthly intervals directly from your checking account. If you already used this option for 2021, please check the box if you wish to continue for 2022 - the amount will be adjusted per your 2022 pledge. This is confidential, and the information goes only to Susan Carabbio, the collector.
  • I understand this commitment may be changed at any time. If a change is necessary, please notify Pilgrim’s Collector, Susan Carabbio (
  • The Stewardship Committee and all of us at Pilgrim Church thank you for your generous pledge. It is through your financial support that we help our church be a welcoming home for all spiritual seekers and make a difference in our world.